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Did her son tell the truth?

Was “Papako telling the truth? (PG 201) this implies that he wasn't, and defames both he and Liysa.

“Papako” not only told the truth, he was interviewed by the police and investigators on four different occasions, and he told the identical truth each time. At one point the investigator asked if his mother had ever told him what to say and he replied. “once after Chris had beaten her Mama said if anything every happened to her to be sure to tell the police the truth about Chris”. Experts who interviewed the child said there was no way he could have been coached.

Furthermore, when asked about the incident in which Chris broke Liysa's surfboard against a tree, the child candidly admitted that he could not recall it. (It had happened more than four years prior to the shooting, and in the interim, the child had witnessed much more frightening things, such as Chris strangling his mother to the black-out point. That the Child only verified incidents he could actually remember shows that he was not simply agreeing to everything. Montgomery was in the wrong to actually try to elicit these statements from the child, but the child had more integrity than Montgomery and simply acknowledged what he knew to be true, and didn't acknowledge any incidents he couldn't recall.

The child had been making statements about Chris's abuse for several years to a variety of people including the neighbors, his own friends and his father.

Ann Rule, as a self-proclaimed expert, should know that this person in a credible eyewitness and the only eyewitness other than Liysa. For her to dismiss his experiences out of hand, and in fact not even to print his actual statements—such as the fact that “Chris was nice in public and mean in private” demonstrates an example of Ann rule systematically discounting absolutely everyone who supports Liysa and then printing as gospel everything said by those who have much at stake by discrediting Liysa. Ann Rule relies on the theories of drug dealers, suspected pedophiles, money embezzlers, whom the court had already deemed not to be credible witnesses.


JAN 23, 2001

“There was no way that the child could have been coached”...He was severely traumatized. “He lived in a war zone—tried to take care of his mother and brother”.. Dr. Fernandez is a trained “play therapist” in addition to specializing in family counseling. He was terrified. Was making plans to protect his mother and brother... “This was the most serious case of parentalization I have ever seen. They were in serious danger.”

Dr. Fernandez stated that Chris was a psychopath, and was able to hide the abuse very well. She said psychopaths are typically charismatic and charming, and that psychopaths are not born—they are created (in the family of origin). Chris's friends probably wouldn't even have known. Chris knew that to threaten the children was how to control Liysa. She cared so much about her children. Liysa was totally trapped. Felt grief and guilt for putting her children in this situation. Dr. Fernandez said “It was inevitable that the situation would get worse..

Papako loved Chris. (PG 211)

Papako told his father he was afraid of Chris and that Chris had hit them. He also told Terri that Chris had thrown him against the wall.

INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEW 10-13-2000—Justice dept.

According to the child's father, the child was very afraid of Chris, and the child had told him this on several occasions.

Excerpt of Counter Claim CASE NO.#CV 040690 UMATILLA COUNTY

Chris Northon committed the crime of fourth degree assault because he

a)intentionally knowingly recklessly caused physical injury to another.

(2) Assault in the fourth degree is a class C felony if (c)the assault is committed in the immediate presence of, or is witnessed by the persons or victim's minor child or stepchild (or directly perceived in any other manner by the child)

The children fled to the car and locked themselves in to escape Chris Northon's violence (after witnessing Chris strike their mother with a chair);

Chris Northon threw the child against the wall, and the child suffered emotional trauma as a result of the attack:

Both children suffered emotional trauma from witnessing Chris go after the younger one with a knife:

Chris Northon threatened to kill the children, which contributed to the Post traumatic Stress disorder both children were subsequently diagnosed with:

The children witnessed Chris Northon strangling their mother: the children watched Chris push and hit their mother, pull their mother's hair, throw their mother to the ground:

The children witnessed Chris push their mother out of a moving vehicle. Chris threatened to kill the children's dog.

Liysa's son was afraid of Liysa (pg 266)

Liysa was, by absolutely everyone's account, even Chris's parents, a fantastic mother. Liysa was gentle and had good boundaries with her children. They adore her, and she put them first, always.

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